2013 Highlights : Community

Parent For A Day

In year 2013, we organised the “Parent For A Day”, twice. With the bunch of young refugee kids, we went to Zoo Negara and Planetarium in April and September respectively.

“Parent For A Day” is meant to allow members an opportunity to be a parent/guardian to the kids and share the joy with them. The kids are always cheerful and excited during these outings as they seldom have the chance to explore outdoor fun in big cities.





Parent For A Day 6





Parent For A Day 7

Wall Painting

It all began when an NGO approached us for assistance in helping to refurbish and repaint an old building that is a refugee learning centre.  It caters for the refugee children to have tuition lessons and various learning activities. Although without actual skills of painting, the volunteers took up the challenge and managed to complete painting the interior of the building within three visits.

Kudos to the volunteers who have made a better environment for the children to continue learning at.

1072575_502893416447378_1322479341_o 1071628_502893873113999_1778757442_o

1265405_521524884584231_1051226102_o 1008586_502896256447094_1501667519_o

Wall Painting


Blaze Magazine 


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