2013 Highlights : Environment

One of the main highlights in the area of Environment is our participation in the YMCA Kuala Lumpur APAY Green Challenge entitled Codename: T.R.E.E on the 26th of October 2013 at SJK(T) Vivekenanda, Brickfields.

Codename: T(tree planting at a school). R(reaching out to the community). E(environmental awareness). E(eco-friendly) was an event organized as part of the YMCA’s Go Green Project. The volunteers removed wilted and thorny plants, replacing them with new flowers and plants. It focused on green education and the importance of doing our part as a community.


In addition, we have started an environment awareness campaign namely “Where’s My Clean Water” to advocate the cause for clean water in the rural areas in Malaysia and importance of proper sanitation.