2013 Highlights : Health

Health Awareness 

Fully organised by SSV, it is an annual health campaign where blood donation, general health checks and organ donation pledges are made available for both students and staff of on Sunway campus.  Every year, the Health Week attracts more than 200 students and staff over a period of 3 days where awareness is made to individuals on their physical well-being.


980315_483663345037052_840381983_o 977368_483663618370358_313200242_o

Health Week

As Sunway University is a non-smoking campus, the Blue Ribbon campaign was held on campus to emphasise the importance of a non-smoking environment.

blue ribbon2

Blue Ribbon Campaign

Sports Events

We have been regular volunteers for major sports events like the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, the OCBC Cycle Malaysia and the Adidas King of the Road. It has been a privilege to be part of a sports event such as these as it is fulfilling and satisfying to know that both runners and organisers had a successful event.

2013-10-20 03.40.36

Adidas King Of The Road 2013


Live Great Run 2013


Xterra Malaysia 2013


Standard Charted KL Marathon 2013


Run For Her Life 2013


Run For Gold 2.0 


Putrajaya Cycle to Change Diabetes


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