2013 Highlights : Wildlife

Animal lovers among us had exciting times back in 2013. We were volunteers in Zoo Negara, at the Dogathon and several other wildlife conservation events.

Volunteers have the option to do different tasks in Zoo Negara and one involves being inside of the cage with the animals to clear debris and animal wastes. You will be in close proximity with them hence what may challenge you is how close you are willing to be with the animals. It is an exhausting yet rare experience as not many get the opportunity to be up close and personal with these animals.



Volunteering @ Zoo Negara 

The Dogathon was a great opportunity for dog lovers to have fun with all the different dog breeds as well as meet fellow owners. It was a day of pure joy with our furry friends and to get to know more about several animal rescue organisations. Witnessing the close bond between humans and their canine companions certainly warm our hearts as it shows pure love and happiness.



Dogathon 2013


Pet Expo 2013