Weekly Myanmar Kids Tuition Project

The “Weekly Myanmar Refugee Kids Tuition Project” has been one of our long term projects since August 2011.


Every Friday afternoon, a bunch of student volunteers will depart from campus to the centre at Sunway Mentari to teach the kids English, Geography and Arts, followed by fun and simple activities.


At the beginning, it was quite a challenge as we are a group of students who lack teaching experience and we had to figure out ways to keep the lessons fun and interactive.



Nevertheless, together with the group of lead volunteers, we continuously develop weekly lesson plans and fun activities for the children. Right now, we have over 25 volunteers who take turns to teach every Friday, and the number of refugee kids has now reached 60. The command of English among the children has improved significantly as they also practice speaking more often with each other.

As time goes by, we have learned and grown as individuals. One of the best memories we have is when the kids show their appreciation by hugging us and thanking us for teaching them, presenting us a token of appreciation, leaving welling our eyes up with tears.


We hope that this little act of ours makes a difference in their lives as we continue being involved.


We believe that as university students receiving quality education from Sunway, it would mean much more if we can share our knowledge and skills with those who need them. We believe that life’s not always about how much you learn and earn, but how much you can give and share what you have with others.

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