Weekly SMK Bandar Sunway Tuition

Following the success of the “Weekly Myanmar Refugee Kids Tuition Project”, the team remains passionate and has taken up another tutoring project – the “Weekly SMK Bandar Sunway Tuition Project” was introduced as a long term project in September 2013.

Every Friday afternoon, a group of 5 – 8 student volunteers head to SMK Bandar Sunway to conduct a lesson on English to a group of 30 Form 4 students. Most of the students from the school are from low-income and/or broken families. Most of them do not have a proper environment to study in the adversity. Thus, the only time they will receive a sustainable education is in school.

What challenges us in this project is the ability to manage and teach teenage students who may sometimes be rebellious and unwilling to learn. However, we were pleasantly surprise upon our arrival in the school and when we first met with the students. They were not only humble and very willing to learn and improve their English, they also bonded very quickly with our volunteers and being very participative.

This project is solely focused on improving and encouraging these students to communicate in English through lesson plans and activities. It does require a lot of energy and patience from the volunteers because some students may be shy and afraid in the beginning. However, with persistence, the students enjoyed every session as they slowly opened up and dared to speak and write the language.

After every session, volunteers with conduct a short sharing session with their respective group of students. This is when they have the opportunity to further bond and communicate with the students and get to know them a little bit more. Of course, while still speaking in English.

We believe that education is an important path to a better future. Even though it is just a short 2 hours every week, we hope that the impact made is not limited by time spent. Towards the end of the project last year, the students were already keen for the project next year. They thanked and hugged us for our commitment and at that moment was when we realised this was something worth pursuing.

Together with the continuous support from Sunway Group and commitment from our volunteers, we will continue in a bigger scale for the SMK Bandar Sunway students in March 2014!


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