Trees for Life 2014- 21st June 2014

by Khor Tse Min

On the 21st of June 2014, Sunway Student Volunteers (SSV), had again made great contributions to our Earth in another event organized by Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam and UMW Toyota. A group of 43 great volunteers had sacrifice their precious time despite exams being around the corner for a  tree planting event at Taman Tasik Kota Kemuning, Seksyen 31, Shah Alam.

The Volunteers!!
The Volunteers!!

It was a sunny Saturday morning and SSV was not the only participant, there were volunteers from Starbucks, Toyota, and other colleges and universities like Stanford College University Malaya. It was  also opened to the public and together we numbered close to one thousand strong.

We reached the venue at around 8.45a.m by carpooling. After registration, we were each given a free t-shirt. A simple but delicious breakfast (nasi lemak) was provided by the organisers. After that, a briefing session was conducted by Mr. Bernard (from Eco Warrior Malaysia) who gave us guidance and precautions to be taken when conducting the activity.

Mr. Bernard (right) teaching the volunteers some planting skills.
Mr. Bernard (right) teaching the volunteers some planting skills.

Volunteers were each given a pair of gardening gloves and gardening tools such as hoes, shovels, and watering cans before heading towards our designated spot- plot 7 with the cyclist team. On average each volunteer planted 2 trees and this had made a difference to our Earth. We used only one and a half hour for the process and the event ended with a lucky draw session. A few of our volunteers were lucky enough to win the hampers and it really made their day!

4 Lucky Stars of the day !
4 Lucky Stars of the day !

I would consider it a successful event. Through such events, students can learn more about some local plants in a much relaxing and enjoyable manner. Furthermore, they can have some hands-on experience by planting the trees themselves. However one important thing that they have learnt today is that their actions would be of great positive impact to the environment. One small action from every individual will save our environment which is in grave danger.

Lastly, let’s hope our trees grow successfully as time passes.


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