30 Hour Famine 2014 – kick out HUNGER!


Sunway Student Volunteers (SSV) again joined as 1 of the Camp Leaders for 30 Hour Famine on 19th and 20th July 2014. 26-hour stay-over camp was held in Sunway University and there were 175 students participated. This camp was held for the purpose of increasing the knowledge about malnourish children and poverty.

Several game stations with different games were prepared for the hunger fighters during the camp.

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10314479_839228409421769_5682896101307611636_n 10562948_839233232754620_2948867673927575517_nBesides, Mr Owen Yap and Ms Yunnie were also invited to be our special guest for our DIY camp.

On 20th July 2014, we departed to Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil at 12pm for 4-hour Famine Countdown. All campers from different places were gathered at the stadium for the exciting countdown event where famous singer, Vanness Wu appeared as the ambassador.

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It is proud to say that this is a meaningful event where hunger fighters fast together. And, together we raised RM12,848 of funds. Although this amount seems insufficient to help huge population of people suffering from hunger and poverty, it will be sufficient when funds are gathered from participators from different places and this will help in tackling the root causes of poverty. Thank you to all participators!