Grandchildren For A Day! – Broga Fun Farm Tour

On the 15th of November 2014, Sunway Student Volunteers and Malaysia Parkinson’s Disease Association supported this meaningful event organised by Aged Care Group, became grandchildren for a day. This is the very first time SSV brought elderly out for a short trip.

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We came to the biggest rabbit farm in Malaysia for this special outing. We assisted the elderly to walk around the farm to pluck vegetables, feed the goats & horses and see the rabbits.

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David Wong, the owner of the Resort has also introduced the rabbits’ life cycle to us.


In addition, we had gone through two activities which were the Charade and creative handprint drawing.

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At last, lucky draw was conducted. The elderly were so excited about the gifts. We went back at 2.30pm after a group photo session.


We were glad to see their happy faces throughout the outing. Thanks to the team from Red Crescent and also SSV volunteers! Hope all of you enjoy the outing.