Monthly Archive: February, 2015

MPSJ Tree Planting @ SS18 – 1st Tree Planting Event in 2015

In collaboration with MPSJ Zon 1, we had a tree planting project, named “Program Tanam Pokok @ SS18/1B”. The main objective of the project was to promote and preserve greens in our neighbourhood.… Continue reading

Sunway Flood Relief Effort – 7 January 2015

On 7thJanuary 2015, Sunway Student Volunteers and fellow Sunway staff worked together to pack food and items which would be reaching the flood victims in flooded states. This was the second time that… Continue reading

East Coast Flood Response Relief – 2 January 2015

In partnership with CREST, an initiative by Sunway Student Leadership Bodies (Sunway University Student Council, Sunway Student Volunteers, STACT, ECHO) and Sunway Staff, funds and basic necessities were collected for the victims in… Continue reading

Recycling Sunday for the year 2014

Recycling Sunday is a community recycling activity carried out by Tzu Chi Foundation. We would be helping out Tzu Chi to segregate recyclable things from waste materials into various categories. October A total… Continue reading