East Coast Flood Response Relief – 2 January 2015

In partnership with CREST, an initiative by Sunway Student Leadership Bodies (Sunway University Student Council, Sunway Student Volunteers, STACT, ECHO) and Sunway Staff, funds and basic necessities were collected for the victims in the flooding incident.


Other than SSV members, there were volunteers from STACT, SSD, Great Heart Charity and Sunway University (a passer-by actually came and helped!). Volunteers were needed to carry and load the items in to bus/van/cars and then unload the items with trolley and cars at First Baptist Church @ SS17.

541610_766148823472283_8347332726793658599_n 10402492_766151200138712_5880121329473877790_n 10885279_766150360138796_6857622223749346480_n 10906479_766150786805420_7592766408899996901_n 10898285_766150460138786_464398630135902589_n 10897755_766149760138856_8532447703433010846_n 10897042_766149730138859_4895720365954195208_n 10906518_766150233472142_1354485174113981360_n

from collecting & packing goods on Sunway University Campus to delivering them to First Baptist Church, Subang Jaya to be delivered to the flood victims

Volunteers also helped Mr Samuel, the PIC in First Baptist Church to count the stocks we brought there. After all, distribution will be handled by CREST.

In the face of crisis, united we stand.