MPSJ Tree Planting @ SS18 – 1st Tree Planting Event in 2015

In collaboration with MPSJ Zon 1, we had a tree planting project, named “Program Tanam Pokok @ SS18/1B”. The main objective of the project was to promote and preserve greens in our neighbourhood. There was also other society from Inti International College which volunteered during the event. We are helping each another, building up a great bonding.


Our job scope for this event was very simple…

10919771_1538637436392979_2683899413342610776_o 10468020_1538637533059636_129889343302419702_o

Moving plants using a barrow to the selected places


Digging out soil with hoe

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Putting the plant inside the hole and covering it up with soil

After all the plants had been planted, we cleaned up the areas by collecting all the rocks and rubbish into the barrow and put it into rubbish bag.

Finally, we had planted the trees successfully around SS18 area! Thank you for all the hardwork contributed by our volunteers.


It’s a tiring day yet a satisfied and wonderful experience that we all have gained! Cheers to more fresh air in SS18.