Continuous Aedes Eridicate Action

There is an outbreak of dengue fever in Selangor area. The epidermis of dengue fever are causing concern in several areas in Malaysia. Hence, we collaborated with MPSJ and the residents to eradicate the breeding dengue mosquitoes for 3 weekends continuously.

24 February 2015 (USJ12)

Volunteers were required to carry out dengue inspection from house to house by asking for permission from the house owner to enter their house compounds. Notes were taken down if breeding spots or potential breeding spots were found in the housing area.


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31 January 2015 (SS14)

About 120 residents and volunteers from Sunway University, SS17 police and MPSJ spent their afternoon seeking and destroying mosquito breeding spots in their neighbourhood. The 2 hour event brought neighbours together for a good cause.

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7 February 2015 (SS15)

Volunteers were required to go around the residential area and along the drains to clean up the trashes that will be the potential breeding place for mosquitoes. Also, they were required to assist in collecting the larva sample of the mosquito around the residential area.

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