“Simply See” (A Maze in the Dark)

This 2-day event initiated by Dialogue in the Dark to promote it’s corporate social responsibility was held in Mid Valley Megamall. Bring inside the black box which was set up there, visitors are able to challenge their sense and feelings in addition to understand how blind people feel in their daily life.


The Black Box

As promised, we reached the Mid Valley punctually before 10.00am. The person-in-charge of this event, Ms Lynn gave a short briefing and guided a journey in the maze so that we had better understanding of what are they doing and could give a better explanation to the visitors.

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After that, we started our jobs…

IMG20150124161841 IMG20150124185237 IMG20150124121430

arranging the table and merchandiser

IMG20150124165406 IMG20150124172650

helping with registration


IMG20150124155751 IMG20150124155918

giving out the brochures and explaining to public what is this event about

Around 8.00pm, we finished our volunteering job and went back to campus.


Thank you to the volunteers for the courage to approach the public, thumbs up for you!