Cordyline Tree Planting

On 14th February 2015 morning, 42 volunteers participated in Cordyline tree planting which was organized by MPSJ at SS14/2 new parking lots. Most of the volunteers reached at the foyer between 6.45am and 7.00am, where 7.00am was the time we needed to depart. We arrived at around 7.30am. After the short briefing by person-in-charge of MPSJ, volunteers were separated into groups and began their voluntary jobs.



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sharing session

Unexpectedly, we finished planting all the cordyline trees in just an hour time! Then, we had our breakfast and headed back to campus after a short sharing session with the volunteers and organizer.


Thanks to our volunteers for spending Valentine’s Day with us in Cordyline tree planting. After digging holes, planting cordylines and cleaning the road, all of them were still energetic although woke up early. Our contribution also came out in newspapers article! (

Let’s hope our cordylines will grow taller and healthy!