Hug A Shark Day. I’m FINished with Fins

Hug A Shark Day. I’m FINished with Fins event was held on 14th June 2015. During this event, 10 volunteers took turn to put on the shark mascots prepared by the Shark Savers and walked around the mall.
This event was all about trading hugs with our shark mascots in exchange of personal pledges to curtail shark consumption. The public especially the kids were very excited to see the shark mascots and most of the parents were very supportive of the mission and took the pledge. Since the event was held in the shopping mall on a Sunday afternoon, the response from the public was overwhelming. Few security guards were also assigned to take care of the volunteers wearing the mascots to prevent them from being hurt by the crowd. The event was successful and all volunteers received certificates as a token of appreciation for contributing their time and energy for a good cause.