Raya Shopping with Rohingya Kids

This event was held on 28 June 2015 ( Sunday ). There were a total of 56 volunteers with 170 Rohingya Kids coming all the way from Selayang for their Raya shopping. Each of the volunteers were assigned with a kid to spend within RM 220, they were responsible to help the kids to get suitable outfits and necessary items for Raya! The faces of the volunteers were filled with excitement and happiness as they were so eager to shop with a kid. Due to the number of volunteers and kids, there was a huge crowd in the mydin subang mall. Those who came to shop were also fully amazed by the event. Some of the helpful people even taught us how to buy baju kurung or tudung for the kids as most of the Sunway Student Volunteers are chinese. At the end of the event, the Sunway Student Volunteers were given certificate of appreciation and happiness is seeing their happy faces after the shopping!