World Play Day 2015

World Play Day held on 30th May 2015, is an international event and it has been initiated by and is being actively promoted by the International Toy Library Association (ITLA).This year,Malaysian Care has organized World Play Day with the goal of reaching out to about 300 people in the community encompassing children of all age regardless of race, background and ability. They are promoting Play for All in accordance with the Convention Rights of the Child(Article 31).
This event was held at SJK( C ) Jenjarom and it involved volunteers from various organizations. Families with young children attended this event. There were many station games that needed to be completed by the families and families who completed the games within a time limit will be awarded with prizes. Families, especially the children had a lot of fun playing with other children and also with their parents. Our volunteers had a fun time interacting with the families and mending the station games. Volunteers were able to swap stations with one another to experience the different games. All in all, the event was a success as the community was greatly
impacted and everyone had a great time.