World Vision Child Sponsorship & Food Charity Booth

On the event day itself, the World Vision Advocates 2015 reached Sunway campus around 8 in the morning to set up the booth. The food and drinks were prepared by them and the prices were set accordingly.There are cupcakes, herbal eggs, Luo Han Guo drink, mashed potatoes as well as corn in cup available for sale to raise funds to the World Vision beneficiaries. Besides that, Child Sponsorship funds collection booth was set up beside the food charity booth in order to raise the funds from the members who had submitted the google form regarding the amount of funds the members planned to donate through imail. Volunteers were coming to take their shift as per the slots stated in the microsoft excel sent to the members in the reminder mail. They are required to sell the foods that are available for sale as well as to promote the child sponsorship programme initiated by World Vision.