Earthship Bioture #1@ Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan

Earthship Bioture #1 was held on 10th of October 2015 at Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. The volunteers have helped out in turning natural and recycled materials into a temperature efficient earthquake-proof community center. From 4am in the morning till evening, we’ve filled up the tires with sands and rocks as the base for the house, classifying the size of the stones for a green water filtration system and many more! Though it was a hard work as we were working under the hot sun, but there was laughter and enjoyment throughout the progress. Everyone was tiring but satisfied! It was definitely a meaningful experience to us as we’re doing it for Orang Asli as well as for the community!




The person in charge was briefing volunteers on the job scope


Volunteers was filling the sand into the tyres



Volunteers was filling the sand into the tyres


Queuing up for lunch! 🙂