Youth Junction Launch

What is Youth Junction?

” With all that has been happening in this country, the refugee communities are the most vulnerable. They need a place to belong and people who support and assist them when they are in need. They to be treated like human beings and not as “unwanted” or “illegals. They need a sense of hope.

Youth Junction is set up with the main objective of being a place of hope for the refugee communities as well as for those marginalized local and migrant youth. It serves as a place to bring back the joy with the assurance of security and peace for the refugee the assurance of security and peace for the refugees and margin s and marginalized.

Programs, classes or activities that they may not be able to afford can soon be within their reach here at Youth Junction with minimal or no cost at all. Youth Junction aims to be a hang out s cost at all. Youth Junction aims to be a hang out spots for youth to pots for youth to stay positive in a friendly and conducive environment.

Youth Junction also aims to be a platform to empower the youth and young adults young adults through programs and activities that will build and develop more positive assets to any given individual.Youth Junction is the modern signboard for the refugee and the local community when they stumble upon crossroads in life. Youth Junction is the junction that they should take.” It was held on 24th October 2015 at Setapak. 









Basically, this event challenges volunteers to move out from their comfort zones and approach youth refugees to encourage them to join the Youth Junction. Youth Junction is a place for the local and refugees youth to hang out as well as mingle around with one another at the same time providing the refugees with a sense of belonging and hope. However, this event was for the launch of Youth Junction thus, volunteers were required to go around the Setapak and Wangsa Maju area to invite and collect information about these refugee youths. The main jobscope here was to engage with the refugees and it is not as easy as we expected it to be as these refugees were around our ages and some were not able to communicate with the local language.