Direct Mailing Volunteering Project

This event was about helping the dignity in preparing all the mail to be sending out. We organized this event so

that students in Sunway University and College can have better understanding in the process of preparing the

mail before sending it out.The people involved in this event is Sunway Student Volunteers and most of them is

college students and some university students .This event was conducted on the 12th March 2016 from 7.30am

till 12.30pm. We gathered in NUB foyer at around 7.30 am and the attendand of the volunteer was taken

before boarding the bus to Dignity ,Sentul. Upon reaching there ,we were being briefed by the person in

charge ,Mr Jackson. The volunteers were required to paste the address onto the envelopes provided. The

volunteers suceeded in completing more than 10000 envelopes ,as per required on that day. With much

satisfaction, we went back on 12.30pm and reached Sunway University on 1.00pm.