Xim Phou Moon Second-hand Charity Bookfair

This charity book fair was conducted twice a year, in April as well as in November. It was then organised by Xim Phou Moon. This book fair were held for one whole week, 25th til 29thApril 2016 at Energy Hub, Sunway College from 9 am til 5pm. Volunteers were needed to arrange books and also entertain the customers who have enquiries on the second-hand books displayed on the tables. Prior to the event, 6 volunteers have assisted in the unloading of items to set up the booth.This early setup would make the organisers easier to arrange books that
were displayed on the tables prepared by themselves and save time as well. During this one whole week event, there were volunteers exclaimed that they were able to speak confidently in front of the customers who they really did not know who the customers were plus they were truly understand what volunteerism is from which they have learned from the organisers by hearing the true stories that the organisers had faced during their volunteering works. Those stories had made the volunteers feel touched by hearing from the organisers. These stories the volunteers have heard have made changes in the volunteers’ mindsets.