Pre-CNY Spring Clean @ Charis Sheep Pen Shelter

On the 21st January 2018, SSV sent 5 volunteers over to Charis Sheep Pen Shelter to do a little spring cleaning with the help of HCHC (Happy Caring Hearts Crew). What we did was have the guys to climb up and down, dismantle and reassemble the fans while the ladies did the washing. All this bit of work so old folks over there could get some better air for more tomorrows and also the upcoming CNY celebration. (we’ll bring masks next time :D)

Apart from that, we also brought some CNY cookies there just to cheer them up with some addition to their food stash. FYI, old folks at the Charis Sheep Pen Shelter are mostly homeless or abandoned old people but they were the most welcoming people you can meet on random community work-filled Sunday. Instead of watching us do all the work, able ones offered to help and some just got their hands on whatever they could help out with.

One of the best parts of the event was to see their happy faces when they have people to share what they experienced yesterday or what they came across today or what they are expecting of tomorrow. Hearing what they were talking about actually made me think how simple and enjoyable life can be when you appreciate every minute you have to live and breathe. All that sweat and dust-no-more were definitely worth it.

We will continue our work of bringing smiles to people’s faces and we hope that through SSV, you can touch the heart of others. See you soon.