Blindfold Run 2018

“By Your Sight” is a charity run which provides an opportunity for people to show care and support towards the blind communities. Their aim is to raise awareness on community issues through running events with the belief that awareness leads to motivation that drives initiatives and changes and also organizing running events globally in line with reaching out to every soul that deserves to shine.

For this run, participants undergoed a 3 km walk. One of them would need to be blindfolded (excluding the visually impaired) and there were checkpoints after 1.5km for role switching in order for the pairs to have an equal chance to experience being blind.

Last Sunday (25th March 2018), 44 volunteers help out for the Blind Fold Run at Bukit Jalil Recreational Park and gained a great experience throughout the event.
Volunteers helped along the route, distribute water, medals, and also some mini game stations that enables the participants to experience on how the blind live with their five senses.

It was a knowledgeable run overall as participants left the event learning how the blinds struggle in their daily lives.