Gardener For A Day

Gardener for a day is back again ! This time was slightly different as we were volunteering with students from other universities (Uniten and Inti College). Ms Baida, person in charge of free tree society welcomed us with an introduction of Free Tree Society and also a tour around the garden.

We started off the work by propagating the plants in the polly bags. Ms Baida taught us the proper way of propagating a plant. We propagated Papayas, passion fruits and many other plants.

We also helped to water the plants in the garden. Ms Baida also shared with us a lot of knowledge regarding the plants. We learned a lot from her today and we will definitely be going back again! Do join  gardener for a day next time as you will not only get to volunteer but also learn new skills like some useful gardening skills!

Stay tuned for next session of gardener for a day 🙂