Playing “clinic” 2018

On the 7th February 2018, SSV’s health department directors and two other volunteers played “clinic” for a while in KL (guided by professionals, of course).

The event happened at Pusat Transit Gelandangan, a place that seemed like a camp to me because people sleep in bunker beds and share a cafeteria there. I didn’t do much digging so there might have been other facilities which were unknown to me but it did look like the kind of place for people to take shelter because they have no home to return to.

SSV’s job there was pretty simple: role playing. 2 of us were receptionists and had the homeless registered for the programme; 1 helped the homeless measure their blood pressure; 1 ran to-and-fro to send the homeless’ patient records to the (real) doctors; I was the “pharmacist” (learnt some uses of those medicine with weird names in case I’d ever need them in a zombie apocalypse. Wut?) under the guidance of the lead doctor.

Whatever we did there was guided by “staffs” of this Mobile Clinic. They are actual doctors, trained nurses, and some volunteers who have worked with them for long enough to pass on their skills to us. Our aim, help provide the homeless some really basic medical service that would be hard to come by for an average homeless person.

Most people would not care about the homeless but these people do and they do what they can in their power to help. Most importantly, in the process of giving our time to them (mobile clinic/homeless), we get closer to knowing unknown issues of our society and the warmth of humanity in “giving”. This is what we strive for and it will remain this way to the end of time.