Recycling Sunday With Tzu Chi

This month, Tzu Chi had their Recycling Sunday on the second Sunday of the month instead of third Sunday of the month as the third Sunday is during Chinese New Year.

30 volunteers from SSV had assisted them at the SS15 recycling station(beside SS15 courtyard). Upon arrival, the volunteers were allocated to different stations to help out. Most of the volunteers were allocated to paper stations as it needed the most manpower. During the recycling process, we realised that some of the items disposed by the residents were still new.

Around 11:30am, we managed to finish all the tasks. After that, we had a sharing session with Tzu Chi members. They shared with us some recycling knowledge and encouraged the volunteers to practice the 5Rs all the time, especially during Chinese New Year. Beside the normal 3Rs that we usually hear of, the other 2Rs were Refuse and Repair. Before leaving, every volunteers received a few mandarins oranges from Tzu Chi. It was indeed a meaningful day !

Remember to practice 5Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle) during Chinese New Year ! Happy Chinese New Year Everyone🏮