What’s In the Box 2018


This event called What’s in the Box serves to bring awareness to the blind societies in Malaysia. We conducted games to allow the students to feel how the blinds are when they conduct their daily activities.

In collaboration with Sunway LEO Metro and Malaysia Foundation for the Blinds, on the 23rd March 2018, we prepared boxes with a hole located on each side. The boxes contain everyday essentials, such as household items, stationaries, and food.

The participating students will have to reach into the box and guess what the particular item in the box is. With three correct answers, they will be awarded a prize. The purpose was to create a practical experience of the everyday living conditions of the blind for the students of Sunway.

Watching the students winning the prizes joyfully made us happy. However, we felt even more thankful that they now know the difficulties of the blind and how they suffer daily.

We hope the participants had as much fun as we did planning for this event. ❤️