The Pencil Project


On the 8th of February 2018, The Pencil Project was launched in Sunway!

Initiated by I Do Care, The Pencil Project aims to provide stationery for refugee students in Somali Refugee Centre and Afghan Learning Centre, as well as reduce wastage of unused pencils in landfills.

Thus, collection boxes like these were placed at the Student Life and Student Hub.


For two three weeks, there were lots of advertising going on for the project. We took every opportunity to collect as many stationeries as possible!

Here you can see us in action even during the Clubs & Society’s Week!


On the 21st of February, the project finally ended.

We were extremely thankful to have received ample of stationeries! Not only did we receive pencils, other stationeries including erasers, colour pencils, and unused exercise books were dropped in our boxes too!




To those who were part of this, we would like to give A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! ❤️ You have drawn smiles on the Refugee Kids’ faces and made an extraordinary impact to the community!

Thank you for making this project a successful one 🙏

#1 pencil= 1future


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