The Xstrawdinary SSV – Zero Plastic Straw Campaign


Do you know the impact of using one plastic straw? Do you think it has nothing much to do with the environment?

It is very common for us to use plastic straws everyday. Whenever we order cold drinks, we will use plastic straws. According to a statistic reported by The Star in 2017, Malaysians averagely use more than 20 million straws a week. The sad fact is, Malaysian citizens have very poor recycling rate.

Besides that, if you think plastic straw can be degraded like usual plastic, you may need to reconsider it again. Since straws are too small to be recycled, they are usually disposed as trash and ended in the ocean. It takes about 400 – 500 years to degrade.

Knowing that plastic straws have brought so many disadvantages to the environment, we hope that this campaign helped us to spread this awareness to the Sunway community. We have collaborated with The Hive in selling stainless steel straws, and even other environmental friendly products.