Semurni Kasih Project By 7-Eleven

For the past weekends, SSV had been given the opportunity to volunteer in 7-Eleven at Sunway Medical Centre and Sunway PJ SE.

We were asked to help promote the Semurni Kasih project, which is an initiative by 7-Eleven to give back to the society in the holy-month of Ramadhan. How does the Semurni Kasih Project work? The public can buy any stuff, preferably not the ones that are going to expire soon, from 7-Eleven and place it into the donation box provided.

We began to promote the event around 11:00 AM in the morning and the donation box was emptied out by the staff. As the time passes by, we can see the box slowly filled with all the items bought by generous people to give back to the society.

By 4:00 PM, the donation box was almost full, thanks to those generous people who are willing to donate to the underprivileged communities!