Food Bank Visit

The fortnightly event, Food Bank Visit held by NGO called Roar of Hope is back again! The Food Bank Visit is a campaign where we visit and help a refugee centre voluntarily. The refugees’ income are low and unstable, having the burden to pay rents which costs 50% of their wages. Most of their children are unhealthy and underweighted. So, what can we do to help?

On the 1st July 2018, 4 volunteers from this Food Bank Visit, bought groceries for 4 Myanmar refugee families as they are always in need from people to provide them basic necessities. Also, their children also do need nutritious food such as greens, meat, fruits to provide them vitamins in order to cure their malnutrition. However, this program is far more than just providing things. Our volunteers went beyond by caring and showing concerns to the refugees, so that they will feel the warmth and the overwhelming love from this society.

We had a great conversation with the refugee families as they answered every single question we asked as well as sharing their stories with us. Many testimonies were heard and our volunteers felt so impressed at their strong faith and bold heart to continue life although things are not going in a right track. At the same time, we felt grateful beyond words as we are lucky enough having the chances and abilities to help those who are in need. We strongly encourage all of you guys to join this event to serve our society with an open heart. Trust me, your small leap of faith will definitely impact many souls.