Food Bank Visit

Over the weekend, several of our fellow SSV-ians took part in The Food Bank Visit by Roar of Hope.
This weekend, we visited Burmese families that unfortunately were forced out of their own homes, their country, and landing in Malaysia. As you might know, this was caused by the racial disregarding by the Myanmar government towards select races in the country. The families are temporarily staying in Malaysia as refugees, while awaiting resettlement procedures to be completed.

As before, we bought groceries and house supplies to help out these families. We also had conversations with the families and learned about the hardships they have been through before coming to Malaysia. The difficulties they faced is far from only having limited financial income. Health, public opinion, uncertainty and insecurities are also things that they lose sleep over. That is why we hope we did our best in making them know, that us Malaysians are willing to take them under our wing for as long as they need. Thanks to Roar of Hope for giving us the chance to take part in the visits. We realize that we are a lot more lucky than we think we are and there are little things we can do in life to give a big hand to someone in need.

Food Bank Visit by Roar of Hope is held every fortnight, we hope YOU can also be a part of spreading your love, so if you are interested, or couldn’t take part before, please do sign up in the future! See you next time!