8th Malaysian Conference on Holistic Healing in Cancer

On the 1st of September 2018, 6 volunteers from SSV went to BAC PJ Campus to help out at the 8th Malaysian International Conference on Holistic Healing in Cancer by Cansurvive Malaysia!
Cansurvive Malaysia is a Non-Profit Cancer Charity Organisation that provides guidance and support to cancer patients and their family and friends. They also aim to spread awareness of the benefits of holistic, non-invasive methods to recover from cancer. The topic of the conference was the Importance of Diet in Prevention and Management of Cancer. Speakers from all over the world were invited to the conference to talk about the topic. Each spoke from a different perspective and much could be learnt from the talks given.
No one is exempted from illnesses, every one of us face a risk when it comes to health. However, much can be done for us to minimize that risk, so that we can protect ourselves and those we love. That’s why we should always educate ourselves on how to be healthy and spread that awareness to the people around us.