Distributing Groceries to Unprivileged family with GHCA

Yesterday, SSV went to PPR Pantai Ria to help out Great Heart Charity Association in distributing groceries to underprivileged families. Although the grocery pack did not consist of items that could last them months, we were able to see the warm smiles on the recipients’ faces as they received the goods with never-ending thank you’s.

It continues to tell us how much it means to them despite what we give to them may seem little to us. What touches them is the time, and effort we put into the event rather than the tangibles in their hands. Some of us even helped carry the items to their homes!

Being able to have a glance at the houses they are in, reminds us that as we live in big houses with ample lighting and air condition yet complain about food not tasting well or whatnot, there are people staying in worse conditions but are content and grateful for what they have.

Thank you again, Great Heart Charity Association for providing SSV the opportunity to connect with residents of PPR Pantai Ria, and give our time to this good cause.

Volunteers, we will see you in the next one! 😉