Eco Ardence Sales Gallery

On 2nd of September, 31 volunteers went to Eco Ardence Sales Gallery for an event called Star Anak-Anak Malaysia Walk 2018. It was an astonishing event that united around 8000 Malaysians to walk together in conjunction with the celebration of the National Independence Day as well as Malaysia Day. This annual event was organised by the STAR Media Group and Eco World for the third time in a row. Their aim was to celebrate Malaysia’s diversity and promote unity and understanding among its people.
Volunteers felt patriotic by the enthusiasm from the participants who came from different background, cultures, languages, races and so on. They walked together without differentiate who you are and where you from. Their smiles left a significant impact for us and it was not hard to see that the smile behind each of them was saying that “we are proud to be Malaysian!”.
The overall experience was astounding as it is not always that we see thousands of Malaysians being proud of their diversity. Families that came together with their own unique and matching attires and indigenous people of the country wearing their traditional clothes during the walk were just some of the many spectacle during the event.