Ekspo Kuching 2018

Thousands of cats are being thrown out of their homes into the streets because they are ‘not cute anymore’, or owners are unable to care for them any longer. Keeping a pet requires huge responsibilities, like caring for a child or even a plant.
Here in the 3-day Ekspo Kucing 2018, Malaysia’s largest cat edition exhibition, hundreds of cats are being showcased, and some are up for adoption. Volunteers from SSV are happy to re-home these and raise funds for Save A Stray (SAS) shelter. It has been a tiring 3-day event for the volunteers, yet the outcome was fruitful and meaningful. One of the volunteers even managed to adopt a cat! Thank you Save a Stray Malaysia for having us and giving us the opportunity to volunteer with you!
Click on the pictures to check out more cats! And do stay tuned for more awesome volunteering adventures with SSV🐾