Kelas Rakyat Seri Purnama

On the 16th August 2018, 5 volunteers had volunteered in the Kelas Rakyat Seri Purnama that is organised by Projek Iqra’ at PPR Seri Cempaka. Kelas Rakyat is happening on a weekly basis at welfare homes and selected communities since 2013. The program is designed for 3 months (one semester). The main objective is to provide assistance on the education of children in the low income community. At the same time, it opens opportunities for donors / sponsors so that useful knowledge can be delivered effectively so that the benefits are prolonged as a charity. Kelas Rakyat Seri Purnama has been providing the children i-Sina module to help them better understand the subject.

We are so happy to help the children and improve their understanding in subject that we teach. Seeing them happy are priceless as the volunteers are happy too. Come join us next round!😊