Have you ever noticed that the recent weather has been weird lately? Do you know that you have responsibility in this?
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) is an event held by EcoKnights, aimed to raise the public awareness of the environment nowadays. They feature environment-themed documentaries as well as different films such as animated, archival, experimented films from all around the world. Also, they had an event where they marketed sustainable products such as bamboo straw, bamboo toothbrush and organic shampoo. Throughout all the film screenings, talks and workshops that they held, they believe that it will bring a big impact to the public on what we are doing now and what we have done to the environment.
Volunteers had a great understanding on environment issue nowadays based on what they experienced throughout this event. A big thank you to EcoKnights for giving us this opportunity to join this meaningful event. Hope that everyone will arise the awareness in our hearts to save the environment ya!🌱