Merdeka Dari Straw

On August 4 & 5, four volunteers had volunteered in an event organised by Sampah Menyampah at Bangsar Village 1. The event is named Merdeka Dari Straw, as an initiative to motivate our citizens to stop using plastic straws. There are many alternatives in order to replace the plastic straws. For example, metal straws, silicone straws, glass straws, or papaya stem straws. The best way would be to use no-straw.

The use of plastic straws by Malaysians every day has reached an average of 31 millions. This is a terrifying figure because the plastic straws is not bio-degradable. It shows that all plastic straws that have been first invented in this world is still around Earth in some kind of forms.

So, stop using plastic straws which bring no health to your body as well as to the environment!