MNS World Ocean Day

Fact of the day: Only 3 out of 440+ species of sharks have attacked humans (but shark attack cases have built a bad reputation for ALL sharks – some people thought that ALL sharks attack humans)
A group of volunteers had a great fun in MNS World Ocean Day on the 11th and 12th August. This event is meant to stop consuming on shark fin soup as a way to save the sharks. Did you know? Malaysia has the 3rd largest diversity of sharks in Southeast Asia, with 67 out of 440+ species of sharks in our waters. The volunteers not only engaged with many people of different countries and background in the event, they have also learnt interesting facts about sharks and how to save them. All in all, we have successfully collected more than 300 pledges from people to stop eating shark fin soup and to save the sharks. Pledge now to save sharks here:
Do stay tuned for more Shark Savers event in the future!😉