Planting trees with ecoknights

One of the current Major Environmental Problems: Global Warming 🌎🔥

The world is getting warmer as you can see through the temperature in your Snapchat filter. The high amount of carbon dioxide has caused global warming, which directly leads to the high increase of temperature within oceans and the earth.

By planting a tree, it can remove about 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime, and produce oxygen which can renew our air supply. ✨ On the 23rd of November, 5 volunteers were given the chance to plant trees on their owns, and also to get the chance to make mud balls which is a mixture of micro-organisms that contain properties that will purify water, improve water quality, and solve sanitation problems.💧

Thank you EcoKnights for having us! 💕 It was an eye-opening event as this was our first time planting trees with a large group of people, giving us a chance to make and throw mud balls into the river. We truly hope that those trees planted will grow well, and the river will be purified through this small action of ours. 🌱