Trash Hero KL

Ever notice those trashes which include cigarette butts, plastics, containers, bottles at the road side? Do you know where will they go after being thrown? No one knows, but only Trash Hero KL.

Our mission in this event is to collect and carry on furthur steps on trashes. We have teams to pick up and collect trashes together, moving on segregating them into different categories such as recyclable, biodegradable and so on. For your information, not every recyclable item can be recycled, but why? Imagine this, if an unwashed tin was sent to the recycling centre, it might get rejected as unwashed, dirty items might ruin the whole recycling system and cause a lot of problems.

What more ironic is that the process is not guided or led by Malaysians itself. We should stop and think about are we really passionate in staying in this country. If yes, we need to do something about it.

Through this event, volunteers could finally redefine the word ‘recyclable items’. Hope that we can see more volunteers joining us in the future!