Shoebox Christmas 2018

It’s time for our annual event again – Shoebox Christmas!!!

On 19th December 2018, a few volunteers (aka Santa Claus) visited two places and delivered presents to the unprivileged children. Not only that, we also spent some quality time with the children by playing games with them.

SSV continues to spread happiness as we visit more places for our Shoebox Christmas event. On 22nd December, volunteers have been guiding the children to do some colouring and reading.

The children were so keen in learning and spending time with us, which made it 10 times more fun for us too! Just look how adorable they are! 😍

During our next visit to the orang asli village, we played fun games with everyone like London bridge and limbo. The orang asli children then performed singing and dancing which really showcased their amazing talent and energy.

When handing out the gifts, the smiles on the children’s faces greatly touched our hearts. That was when we realised that our long journey to the destination was all worth it.

Move on to our next stop at Buku Jalanan Chow Kit.

For the good of the children, the learning area has been upgraded to a comfortable centre, providing a better study environment.

This shoebox christmas session, our volunteers taught the children basic grammar and mathematics. We were all so glad about their enthusiasm which made the learning process more effective.

“Knowledge is power but enthusiasm pulls the switch.” -Ivern Ball

SSV visited Carey Island to continue spreading happiness. Due to the remote location of the area, the children might not have the chance to receive christmas presents.

Thus just like every other year, SSV has decided to pay them a visit again this year to spend time with them and give them love.

Volunteers played games with the children and shared lots of laughter together. It was a lovely morning and the volunteers left Carey Island wholeheartedly.

In the same week, we visited another orang asli village.

This time, we spent time with the children by chatting with them, getting to know their lives etc. Despite their shyness, they were still willing to share their life stories with us which were really fascinating.

They not only performed Tarian Jo’oh – their traditional dance, but also guided all the volunteers to join along. We were all fascinated by their culture and strongly believe that it should be passed down to future generations as this will definitely make Malaysia a more spiritful country.

Lastly, we visited 14 low-income families.

Welcomed with their kind greetings and bright smiles to their homes, we had an opportunity to sit down and have a small sharing session with the family. Unlike other Shoebox Christmas projects, this time it was slightly more unique because we had the chance to interact with both adults and children.

The kind hearts of the family and their stories were moving and it made us realize how small meaningful projects like these can bring small pieces of happiness to others.

At the end of the day, everyone was exhausted after spending hours wrapping up the gifts and delivering them around. However, our hard work was paid off after seeing smiles on the children’s faces. Happiness for us, comes from making someone else’s day.