Go Zero, Be A Hero

Go Zero, be a Hero is an initiative taken up by the Environment Department of Sunway Student Volunteers. We strive to promote a zero waste lifestyle and bring attention on the negative impact of single-use plastics to the Sunway community. Our goal is to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint and to raise awareness about waste management.

Our objectives:

  • To promote a zero waste lifestyle and raise awareness of single-use plastics
  • To create a community that shops with minimum impact on the environment
  • To eliminate single use plastic packaging and other waste

What is zero waste?

Zero waste is an attempt to reduce the amount of trash we make through composting, choosing reusable products over single-use disposables, choosing to buy fewer packaged products and rethinking our approach to what we buy and use.

Why is zero waste important?

You must be questioning the importance of zero waste lifestyle. Let’s start with an example, plastic spoon. If you used a plastic spoon every morning and threw it away at the end of breakfast each day for a month, not only will those 31 plastic spoons sit in the landfill for decades if not centuries, but also that’s 31 spoons of plastic material that needed to be mined, shipped to factories, made into forks, and shipped to you. When you reframe it that way, it makes just washing and reusing a metal spoon seem like not that big of an inconvenience. To that spoon, now add paper napkins, plastic water bottles, plastic bags, cling wrap, tissues and every other disposable thing we touch each day. Zero waste has the potential to add up to a big impact. Thus, we decided to bring the zero waste movement to the Sunway community. “Every small ‘zero waste’ step, is one giant leap forward for humanity.” 

Free Tree Society On-the-Go

We successfully invited FTS On-the-Go to come over Sunway Campus to teach us, the Sunway-ians about composting and gardening! It will be held on 22nd April 2019 (Monday) at 12pm – 1pm [composting workshop] and 1pm – 2pm [planting and gardening workshop].

Most importantly, it is totally FREE OF CHARGE!!! All you need to do is just to fill up the link at below and bring your family and friends to join us today!


Product List

SSV decided to bring in zero waste products to Sunway community! Here are the list of products that will be sold at our booth!

As this is a zero waste campaign, no single use plastic container will be provided. Customers are highly encouraged to bring their own containers!

Paper bags will be sold at RM0.20 to encourage you to go zero waste, it is not heavy to bring a container with you.

Reusable Straws

  • Bamboo Straw – RM3/unit
  1. Environmental friendly, biodegradable
  2. Better for your health, plastic straws can leach harmful chemicals to your body.
  3. Photogenic

  • [Set] Full set stainless steel straws (Black / Rose Gold) – RM12
  • [Set] Full set stainless steel straws (Silver) – RM10

  • [Set] Glass straw (Transparent) – RM7
  • [Single Unit] Scoop Straw (Silver) – RM6
  1. Can be used to drink slurpee, cendol etc.
  2. 2-in-1 straw, it acts as a spoon and straw.

Food & Utensils

  • Root Plus Organic Handmade Lotus Root Noodle – RM3.60/100g
  • Foldable Spork – RM5.90
    A spork is the combination utensil made by combining the fork and the spoon. It is very convenient to bring with container when you are outing.
  • Reusable Silicone Food Pouch – RM17
  1. Used to store food and keep it fresh
  2. Take away for food and drinks
  3. Best for freezing and storing liquids (leak proof)
  4. Highly resistant to damage
  5. Lightweight, saves space, easy to transport

Personal Hygiene

Handmade Soaps by Mayura Apothecary

Antiseptic Glycerine Soap Green Tea & Tea Tree (RM 9) – Antiseptic
Lemongrass & Turmeric Glycerine Soap (RM9) Uplifting, refreshing
Mugwort Soap (RM12) – Anti-fungus, good for people who sweats easily
Pink Lavender Glycerin Soap (RM9) – Soothing, calming
Whitening Mulberry & Hibiscus Cold Process Soap (RM10) – Whitening effect

  • Minty Lavender Milia Seed Remover 10g (RM5)
  1. Natural exfoliator
  2. Eco-friendly makeup remover
  3. Cleans pores
  4. Use it once weekly
  • Handcrafted Cotton Crochet Face Scrubby (RM10)
  1. Can be used everyday when you wash your face
  2. Cleanses the pores and remove the dirt

The Minty Lavender Milia Seed Remover & Handcrafted Cotton Crochet Face Scrubby is a great combination and solution for black head and dead skin removal!

Additonal information
If you would like to repurchase or get a refill for the milia seed, you can find them at
Mayura Apothecary.
  • Deodorant – RM35
  1. Chemical free
  2. Controls odor
  3. Minimizes moisture all day long

How to use
Warm a pea-size amount in fingertips and apply to clean underarms. Higher exertion and heat may require additional deodorant applications. 

  • Dry Shampoo Powder – RM30
  1. Chemical free
  2. A natural dry shampoo for days you do not have time to wash your hair.

How to use
Dip an unused cosmetic brush into the powder and tap off the excess in cap. Apply to roots and brush through with a brush or comb.

Additional Information

The Mineraw™ has a “Drop off your empties” basket at both our main store at The Curve and at 163 Retail Park with the terms & conditions below:

• Original sticker from The Mineraw™ must be in tact
• Must be emptied and cleaned
• RM2 off per returned clean glass bottle/jar

  • Reusable Cotton Rounds – RM 25 / 5pcs
  1. Organic cotton rounds.
  2. Super soft.
  3. Use them like your regular facial wipes.
  4. Reusable.
  5. Washing machine safe (Best hand washed).
  • Bamboo toothbrush – RM6/unit

Why switch to bamboo toothbrush? Every single plastic toothbrush since the 1930s are STILL ON THIS PLANET. In landfills and in our oceans. That’s gross and upsetting. Why do you want to be a part of that damage to the planet? Quit plastic, brush with bamboo.

  1. Eco-friendly.
  2. Nylon / sharpen wire bristles, comfortable and soft to protect your teeth.
  • Solid toothpaste – RM25
  1. Handmade with only natural ingredients.
  2. Keeps your mouth clean naturally.
  3. Bring it when you travel: light, easy to transport and with no risk of leaks or issues with the airport authorities.

How to use
Gentle pass your wet toothbrush on it then brush your teeth, it will foam when brushing. No need to take a lot of product. This solid toothpaste is made to last longer. Keep the box opened after use to let the toothpaste dry; close it when you travel.

Additional Information
The solid toothpaste is refillable. You can find its refill at A Bit Less Zero Waste Bulk Store, Frangipani Bulk and Nude The Zero Waste Store.

  • Menstrual Cup (Black) – RM75
  1. Super comfy, easy to carry.
  2. Lower costs and less landfill waste (Saves up to RM9000 for every woman in a lifetime as it can be used up to 10 years!).
  3. Wearable for sports (swimming, yoga)
  4. Chemical-free, no dryness/infections
  • Reusable Cloth Pads

If you suffer intense pain during your period and are using disposables, consider using alternatives like cloth pads, 100% organic cotton products or menstrual cups. Disposable pads also use plastics, which block airflow to your vagina, and not surprisingly, can encourage a painful rash.

1. Chimmuwa Pads L – RM30
– It comes with an inner.
2. Pantyliner 17cm – RM20
3. Inner – RM15
– An inner is the inner layer of the cloth pads. You can buy few inners to change it and you do not need to wash the outer layer that often
– It is easy to wash and the stains will come off easily.

  • Soap nuts / soap berries – RM12/100g

Soap nut is a berry shell that naturally contains a cleaning agent that works like detergent. They grow on the Sapindus mukorossi (Soap Berry) tree in the Himalayas. Therefore, it is a replacement for laundry powder. 100g gives you approximately 44 soap nuts.

  1. Gentle on both clothes and skin, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  2. Perfect for baby clothes and even cloth diapers.
  3. Affordable

How to use
To use, put 4-6 Soap Nuts into an unused socks and place in washer. Wash as usual with cold, warm or hot water. After washing, remove bag and let dry. Dry clothes as usual. Soap Nuts may be re-used several times until the shells start to become soft and grey, and then they should be composted.

Beauty Products

  • Handmade Customized Lipstick
  1. Normal – RM50
  2. Premium – RM68
Since it is customisable, we will be accepting PRE-ORDER only.
Pre-order link: https://forms.gle/VWvJHCvpnHdpbvDg8

Ingredients: Organic Camellia Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, American Bees Wax, American Candelilla Wax, French Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Rose Essential Oil, Plant Pigments and Rosemary Antioxidant.

  1. Great for sensitive lips and allergies.
  2. Moisturizing additive (Vitamin E) is added to preserve the natural state of your lips.
  3. No lanolin, food coloring, paraffin wax and preservative are added. (1 year lifespan)
  4. Safe for pregnant ladies and children to use.

Kechara Soup Kitchen’s Handmade Bags

Also, we will be helping Kechara Soup Kitchen to sell their non-profit products at their booth. (Cart 4, Boulevard from 23/4 – 25/4, 9am-4pm)

Kechara Soup Kitchen is a NGO that distributes food, basic medical aid and provide counselling service to the homeless and urban poor of Malaysia. One of their programs to support urban poor is that they will send professional trainers to teach women who would like to earn money in their own house while taking care of their children at the same time about sewing. They will provide them materials (donated clothes) and buy their final products once they finish making. Thus, we are lending our hands to promote their products and about them in this campaign.

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Above are the pictures and the products list of Go Zero, Be A Hero campaign. We hope to see you at our booth on 23rd – 25th April 2019! Thank you! :’)

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Thus, do your own part, together we can make a difference.”