Food Bank Visit

Over the weekend, several of our fellow SSV-ians took part in The Food Bank Visit by Roar of Hope. This weekend, we visited Burmese families that unfortunately were forced out of their own homes, their country, and landing in Malaysia. As you might know, this was caused by the racial disregarding by the Myanmar government […]

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Myanmar Refugee Tuition Project

‘One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.’ — Malala Yousafzai Come join us in Myanmar Refugee Tuition Project that happens every Friday to meet these lovely children and teach them simple Science and Mathematics! All it takes for you to make a difference is to sign up and volunteer for […]

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PRUkasih is a free protection plan that provides temporary financial relief to the urban poor coping with a sudden loss of income due to illness, accidents and deaths. Today, Great Heart Charity Association’s sister NGO – Great Vision Charity, had a booth located at PPR Pantai Ria to assist those who are interested in signing […]

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Rumah Hope Carnival

SSV brought 36 volunteers to join “Rumah Hope Carnival”. It was fun to see the kids actually enjoyed the games that we prepared. Besides, half of the volunteers were also assigned to other booths to sell food, handcrafts, etc. It was indeed a long and exhausting one but we hope the volunteers really had fun […]

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Food Bank Visit

The fortnightly event, Food Bank Visit held by NGO called Roar of Hope is back again! The Food Bank Visit is a campaign where we visit and help a refugee centre voluntarily. The refugees’ income are low and unstable, having the burden to pay rents which costs 50% of their wages. Most of their children […]

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Rakan Shopping + PRUkasih

On the 10th of June, we volunteered for the Rakan Shopping + PRUkasih event at PPR Pantai Ria! As a lot of you might have already know, this is a monthly programme where we will shop groceries with the underprivileged families as well as register them into the PRUkasih event. It’s an exciting event where […]

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Food Bank Visit

On the 9th of June 2018, 7 volunteers were chosen to help out with a fortnightly event, Food Bank Visit, set up by NGO called Roar of Hope. The volunteers grocery shopped for 4 Myanmar refugee families where they bought food supplies that could last the families for an estimate of 2 weeks. The volunteers […]

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