World Play Day 2016

World Play Day (WPD) is an international event highlighting the essence of play over 25 countries worldwide. It was initiated by and is being actively promoted by the International Toy Library Association (ITLA). WPD is a day when children and adults do what they want to do and it is also a time to relax […]

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Parents For a Day #16

It was a well spent weekend being parents for a day with the children from Myanmar Refugee! Big big thanks for all the volunteers that took really good care of their children! Cute kids and animals! ‪#‎SunwayStudentVolunteers‬ ‪#‎FarmintheCity‬ ‪#‎ParentForADay‬  

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Sports Carnival

[Saturday, 7th May 2016] DVFA’s objective is to reach out to community kids and provide them a platform where they can have fun and learn sports. 10 SSV volunteers was in charge to bring the kids from one station to another throughout the carnival. All the volunteers had fun-filled experience teaching the kids to play […]

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Beautiful Gates House Moving Day

Beautiful Saturday morning spending time with Beautiful Gates in helping them out to move their centre from one to other. Moving house wasn’t easy at all, especially with majority of girls and only one guy from SSV. But never underestimate the girls’ power! We have done most of the jobs somehow. As you can see […]

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Direct Mailing Volunteering Project

This event was about helping the dignity in preparing all the mail to be sending out. We organized this event so that students in Sunway University and College can have better understanding in the process of preparing the mail before sending it out.The people involved in this event is Sunway Student Volunteers and most of […]

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Foodbank Charity Drive

 This event was about distributing food and communicating to the needy people around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur area regarding their concerns. We (SSV and Osiris Kechara) organized this event so that students in Sunway University can experience what it is like to distribute food to the needy and can appreciate what they have in […]

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A Day at Grace Community Services

A Day at Grace Community Services  was held on the 30 January 2016. During that day, they were briefed on the job scopes and the formation of Grace Community Services by Ms Irene. Volunteers enjoyed packing food, sorting out clothes, keying in stock and cleaning & clearing the items from the food bank. All the volunteers […]

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East Coast Flood Response Relief – 2 January 2015

In partnership with CREST, an initiative by Sunway Student Leadership Bodies (Sunway University Student Council, Sunway Student Volunteers, STACT, ECHO) and Sunway Staff, funds and basic necessities were collected for the victims in the flooding incident. Other than SSV members, there were volunteers from STACT, SSD, Great Heart Charity and Sunway University (a passer-by actually […]

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