Run For Love 2018

On the 29th May 2018, 29 volunteers helped out for a charity run called Run For Love, a church event which is organised to raise fund for Hope Assembly Church as well as to promote healthy lifestyle, love and care among the people. Some of the volunteers were assigned to help out with controlling traffic […]

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Blindfold Run 2018

“By Your Sight” is a charity run which provides an opportunity for people to show care and support towards the blind communities. Their aim is to raise awareness on community issues through running events with the belief that awareness leads to motivation that drives initiatives and changes and also organizing running events globally in line […]

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Laser Run City Tour 2018

Laser Run City Tour – Kuala Lumpur (LRCT) is part of a global network headed by the UIPM (International Federation of Modern Pentathlon). This is a sporting event which is part of an Olympic sport (Modern Pentathlon). It has been improvised to be accessible for everyone and also modernized by shooting using a laser pistol […]

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Playing “clinic” 2018

On the 7th February 2018, SSV’s health department directors and two other volunteers played “clinic” for a while in KL (guided by professionals, of course). The event happened at Pusat Transit Gelandangan, a place that seemed like a camp to me because people sleep in bunker beds and share a cafeteria there. I didn’t do […]

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Autism Color Run 2018

On the 22nd of January 2018, we volunteered ourselves as helpers of the Autism Color Run 2018. Thank you for your help, this wouldn’t have been such a success without you guys! Let’s see what the volunteers have got to say about this event: [ Love and Thoughts ❤ #63 ] Autism Color Run 2018 […]

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SSV Health Week April 2018

On the 3rd to 5th April 2018, we hosted our first health week of the year in hopes to raise awareness among the students and staffs in the campus on health- related issues. The event was held in Sunway University Art Gallery. External organisations such as NKF, JomRun and UMMC took part in this event […]

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Thirsty Run

“Water for people , water by people”. In conjunction with World Water Day 2016 , Water and Energy Consumer Association of Malaysia has organised their third annual Thirsty Run —– Thirsty Run 2016, on the 22nd of May (Sunday). The charity run aims to raise awareness for the issue of water wastage that’s happening around the world. In addition, it […]

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SSV Health Week April 2016

Thank you donors for your generosity and volunteers for your time and effort in making the event a successful one. Sunway Student Volunteers bi-annual Health Week has officially ended yesterday with all your support. It was held at Student Center for the past 3 days from 9am till 4pm. Organisations such as University Malaya Pusat […]

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