Putrajaya night marathon

On the afternoon of the 27th of October 2018, a total of 88 volunteers traveled to Dataran Putrajaya Presint 3 to assist in the annual Putrajaya Night Marathon. As the volunteers reached the destination, we were graciously welcomed by the people in charge, under the Twenty First Century Sports, and were immediately briefed and assigned […]

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Run Towards 17 Goals

How have you been, runners? We are delighted to thank each and every one of you once again for making this event a success. Do feel free to repost photos with the hashtag #RT17G as well! 😉 #RT17G #ENVISION2030 #SDG  

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Not all heroes bleed in the field; some bleed for life-saving packets. We are kicking November off with another event, bringing you SSV Blood Donation Day, organised with the help of UMMC! If you are interested, and or missed your opportunity to donate your blood during our past health week, this is a chance for […]


Proton hari sukan negara 21km 2018

On the 13rd of October, 44 volunteers were volunteering at National Stadium Bukit Jalil!!! It’s the 1st local competitive running event that starts and ends inside the stadium. Estimated 13,000 runners experienced how it is to finish the race in an international class stadium. Despite the fact that it was raining on that day, ⛈⛈ […]

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AIA Music Run 2018

On 20th of October, The Music Run had reached out to SSV in request for 44 volunteers in order to assist them in running the acclaimed event. It was a novel experience for the volunteers to be working for the only run in Malaysia that had a concert happening in the distant background! Volunteers were […]

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Run for a chance charity run 2018

On 6th October, 60 volunteers gathered in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara to volunteer in Run for a Chance Charity Run 2018 organised by 「 爱•关怀之家 Lovely Disabled HOME 」 . The aim of the charity run is to raise funds to support the operational costs of Lovely Disabled Home in the upcoming year, promoting public […]

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LEKAS Highway Ride 2018

On 18th & 19th August, 49 SSV-ians spent their weekend to help out in an event – LEKAS Highway Ride 2018. This was the very first riding event of the year and we all had a great experience with it! The challenging checkpoints and job scope was so tiring yet fun and it’s our first […]

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MILO Breakfast Day 2018

Hey! Hey! See where are we at?! On the 12th of August, 69 of our volunteers helped out with the MILO Breakfast Day 2018. We all had a great experience with our respective job throughout the event. Even though there was a huge crowd but the volunteers tried their best to ensure the flow goes […]

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