One Time Events


Our projects are either self-initiated or in collaboration with other non-profit organizations. In every project that we undertook, we take it seriously and ensure that we are giving great assistance, be it small or big events. We are always trying to be creative in managing our society and organizing special events. Throughout the years, we are fortunate to have been invited to collaborate with many organizations such as YMCA KL, Amnesty International Malaysia, SPCA, Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue, PAWS, Hivelocity Events Sdn. Bhd., Pink Triangle Foundation, 8TV, etc.

Our volunteering works are based in Klang Valley, and we travel around frequently, depending on when and where the event is.

IMG_5289Community Department always has non-stop on-going activities in every months waiting for you members to get involved.

The event list ranges from ushering volunteerism such as Perdana CEO Forum, Malaysian Public Policy Competition (MPPC); collaborations with other NGOs like YMCA, Malaysian Care, Deaf Moolah and etc.; community service outings like Parent For A Day or Wall Painting series; once a while participation of youth events like 8TV showdown 2013, Gen Y musical festival and many more exciting activities.

IMG_5292.PNGVolunteering in all kind of marathons as a crew or a volunteer to make the marathons runs better is none other than in Health Department.

We involve ourselves not only in major sports events as such cycling: OCBC Cycle 2013; triathlon: Xterra Malaysia 2013; annual marathons: Adidas King of Road, Standard Charted KL Marathon but also mini runs held by our own other faculty departments like Run For Her Life and SUBS Run For Gold. If you consider yourself not fit for marathons but having great urge to be part of the marathons, (please do not hesitate) you can just join us for marathon volunteering and cheer for the runners till the finish line.

Furthermore, Health Department is involved in every health related volunteerism events which not limit to only sports, for instance, we raise awareness about general health issues to the students in the campus. We do organise health week semi-annually which encompasses blood donation and organ pledging activities.

IMG_5290No worries if you have no pets at home. If you opt to join us as wildlife volunteers, you will have a billion chances to communicate with animals!

In the past, we self-initiated an Animal Abuse Awareness Campaign in collaboration with well-known Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR). We also participate in other one-time events like Dogathon, Pet World Expo 2013, SPCA World Animal Day, PAWS for Cause, Cat Adoption Drive and Zoo Negara volunteering trip.IMG_5291.PNGKeen to build a greener and eco-friendly environment is a step towards volunteering in Environment Department.

Volunteers will not only dirty their hands but also sweat under the hot sun to plant a tree once in awhile. Wherever there needs more trees to be planted, we will be there to assist. Besides that, raising awareness about environment issues is also in the list of our event too!