1.0   Basic Information

1.1   Who can join as a member?

  • Is opened to only Sunway College/University students.

1.2   How to join as a member?

  • Register yourself through Student Service Department (SSD).
  • Register yourself during Club & Society Week (March or August).

1.3   Is there any fee charged?

  • Yes. RM10 as a new member. RM5 for renewal.

1.4   How long does the membership last?

  • One year.
  • For registration through SSD in the period of January – June, it will be categorized in April intake.
  • For registration through SSD in the period of July – December, it will be categorized in September intake.

1.5   What are the benefits of being a member of Sunway Student Volunteers (SSV)?

  • You get a chance to join the activities from SSV and get participated in community work.
  • You are able to accumulate volunteer hours and earn yourself a certificate of appreciation.
  • You get to expand your network through the activities you join.
  • You will have great fun to engage with other members and leave good memory in your college / university life.

1.6   Is it a must to buy merchandise items?

  • It is advisable to own the club T-shirt because some events will require members to wear it.
    Be proud to be a SSV-ian and wear the T-shirt on SSV day (every Tuesday) too! =)

1.7   How can I purchase the items?

1.8   How much does it cost?

  • For T-shirt, it is RM25. 


2.0   Activities/Events

2.1   How do I receive updates of activity?

  • All members will receive updates through their registered emails. Else, you could get updates from Facebook page too.
  • Members are encouraged to check their email frequently for updates.

2.2   Are there any regular meetings to attend?

  • No. There are no meetings for members because members are usually all interacted and connected via the activities participate.

2.3   Do I have to attend every activity?

  • No. Members are free to opt which activity they are interested.

2.4   If I am interested to join for the particular activity stated in the email, what should I do?

  • Members who are interested need to register themselves through the Google Docs link provided before the deadline of registration.

2.5   How do I know if I am selected to participate in the activity?

  • You will be notified through email at least 3 days before the activity. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, it will be late informed but definitely the day before activity. Therefore, it is advisable to check your email frequently for the confirmation.

2.6   What if I am not selected for the activity?

  • You will also be notified through emails. However, please do not get disappointed because you will be placed in the reserve list and once there are volunteers pull out, we will immediately contact you if you are available. Else, do look forward for other upcoming activities.

2.7   As there are so many members from SSV and there are limited spaces for each activity, how do I know if I stand a chance to participate the activities?

  • Members are chosen on First Come First Serve basis in according the timestamp recorded in Google Docs unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, the committees of SSV will try our best to bring you lots of activities to participate.

2.8   Is transportation provided for every activity?

  • SSV will try our best to arrange the transportation for members. Up to a certain limitation, there will be a need of charge or request for members to be drivers.


3.0   Volunteering Hours Track Record

3.1   How does the volunteering hours track record work?

  • Volunteer hours are collected and accumulated according the activities participated and in the ONE year term of membership.
    Eg: April 2012 – March 2013 / September 2012 – August 2013

3.2   How do I know how much of volunteer hours I have accumulated?

  • We are still working on a proper system to let members check accordingly. For current situation, please email to sunwaystudentvolunteers@gmail.com, attend to Secretary, to enquire it.

3.3   Volunteer hours accumulated will be categorized accordingly.

  • Bronze: 30 – 39 hours
  • Silver: 40 – 49 hours
  • Gold:  49 – 59 hours
  • Platinum: 60 hours and above

3.4   Volunteer hours will be recorded according to the activities members participated.

  • Automatically record

­        The volunteer hours will be recorded from the time activities begin and end.

  • Trading hours

­ The volunteer hours will be recorded through trading from the time activities begin and end if the activities provide token allowance.

Eg: if the return of activity is paid by RM40. To collect the volunteer hours, member is required to trade half of the token, RM20 to get it.

­   Members hold their own preference to trade and are not allowed to regret on the trade in future.